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Do not let DUI Charges Ruin Your Life

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It could happen to anyone… to YOU or to me. All it takes is 1 mistake… 1 drink too many… and NOT knowing your rights. In the wrong place at the wrong time, 1 time ‐ a block away from your house? Leaving a restaurant or bar? Driving in an unfamiliar area? You may feel embarrassed when dealing with DUI charges. You may think you don’t need a lawyer. If you or a loved one has been arrested or charged with a DUI, you need an aggressive DUI attorney to fight for your RIGHTS ‐ right NOW. Initial Consultations are FREE.

Any DUI criminal sentence will affect your freedom, your finances, your family, your credit, your housing options, and even future employment opportunities. At Jeff GOULD Law we protect your rights and freedoms from the potentially harsh penalties that a drunk driving conviction will mean. Let us start fighting for your freedom now.

You need to know your RIGHTS ‐ right NOW, not later. Whether it’s your 1st DUI or your 4th ‐ Call us today to start protecting you against severe DUI punishments.

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